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Flight Simulator

Our Redbird LD is FAA certified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device with its wrap-around visuals and realistic flight controls. Students can practice and train for a fraction of the price of flight. Many pilots use our Redbird for maintaining instrument currency and keeping skills sharp when they can’t be flying the real thing.

The simulator is also a very popular training tool for student pilots to learn and practice skills.

Are you an instrument-rated pilot? The FAA has amended FAR regulation § 61.51(g) allowing you to accomplish instrument recency experience without a CFI present. Call today to gain access to the simulator!

Aircraft Configurations

Redbird C172-S

  • Represents a Cessna 172

  • Standard, Analog 6-Pack

  • Redbird 430/530 GPS

  • Redbird KAP140 Autopilot

Redbird C172-G

  • Represents a Cessna 172

  • Redbird G1000

  • Redbird KAP140 Autopilot

Immersive Visuals

In the past, simulators have been used almost exclusively for instrument instruction and a single screen was all you needed to show the runway when the student broke out at minimums. The Redbird LD is a great primary training platform, thanks in large part to its expansive visual displays. You can still put’em in the soup if needed, but accurately simulating VFR flights opens up a huge range of uses for the LD. Let a student practice turns-around-a-point or show them the highway they’ll pass over on their long cross-country. With a world-wide terrain database to support the 200° visuals, the LD lets your customers experience the view from the cockpit before they ever leave the ground.

Loggable Time, Valuable Training

We are firm believers in simulation-centric training and we know the value of the LD simulator as a training tool far outpaces the loggable hours. The FAA has approved it as an Advanced Aviation Training Device, and many other authorities recognize the value of training in the LD. Want more details about certification?

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