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Fleet & Crew

Our top notch crew members have garnered thousands of flight hours.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.  At Sky Beckons Aviation, our fleet is tested and upgraded constantly to ensure top safety precautions for your flight. We are proud of our fleet and know you will be too.



Sky Beckons Aviation has a diverse staff of instructors and aviation personnel. 


Tom Kramer
Senior Flight Instructor

Tom has over 11,000 hours of flight time gained over 40 years of flying. He has crossed the entire United States three times in his C172 and has well over 5,500 hours of cross country time as Pilot in Command. He has nearly 1,000 hours of night time and 700 hours of instrument time. He has been a corporate pilot for a New Jersey based company from 2004 to 2012 flying 1,700 hours first in their Columbia 400, taking sales personnel all across the United States and Canada, flying into nearly 300 different airports, through all seasons in all different kinds of weather.


Tom Has been actively teaching since 1990, and has given over 6,000 hours of instruction.


From 1979 through 2004, He used his flying skills in visiting customers as a Regional and then National Sales Manager on the west and east coasts. Along with his Instrument Rated wife JoAnn, they own Sky Beckons Aviation.

Welcome to the Fleet 

At Sky Beckons Aviation we feature the proven Cessna 172 Skyhawk as our main line trainers. Our ground training is supported with a new RedBird flight simulator featuring both stem gauges and G1000 glass cockpit configurations. 

1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk II - N734NA Our Primary and Instrument training aircraft, 4 November Alpha is a very clean, well-maintained version of the most widely produced Skyhawk which has been a single owner aircraft since 1984. It is not the same Skyhawk that came from Wichita in 1977.

1971 Cessna 172L Skyhawk II - N7995G Even though 95Gulf is IFR capable, it fits in well as our primary training aircraft. It is a clean version of the early 1970s Skyhawk but with additions which much improve it.

Scott Berk
Flight Instructor

Started flying: 1986

Reason: Mom was a TWA Flight Attendant & got me in the cockpits of the B727's & L-1011's when ever we went to the airport. Ever since, I've always wanted to be in the pilot's seat.

Ratings: Commercial Single & Multi Engine Land, CFI, CFI-I, MEI

Different aircraft types flown: Cessna 152, C172, C172RG, C182, PA28A, PA28R, PA44, PA34-200T, C421B, Beech 60, Beech 76, Diamond DA-40

Highest times in: Cessna 152, 172, & 182, PA34-200

Other high points: My favorite flights are the ones when I've learned something new. Fortunately, being a pilot and flight instructor has never disappointed me with new opportunities to add to my experiences.
Every flight is a new one. I found this out when I had the chance to fly a Gulfstream V sim; while a jet may have more power & thrust, it still flies basically like that first Cessna 152 I soloed in.

1976 C177RG Cardinal - N177EF A recent addition to our fleet, this aircraft owned by our CFII Nick is equipped with a Garmin G3X glass panel and is perfect for getting a complex rating or renting for a trip.

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