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Aircraft & Simulator Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At Sky Beckons Aviation, our fleet of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental are maintained to part XXX specifications. Pilot's can rent an aircraft to take out for a spin. 

1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk II – N734NA

Our Primary and Instrument training aircraft, Four November Alpha is a very clean, well-maintained version of the most widely produced Skyhawk which has been a single owner aircraft since 1984. It is not the same Skyhawk that came from Wichita in 1977.


  • a 180 horsepower conversion replacing the stock 160 HP engine. This gives 4NA about double the climb rate and slightly faster speeds.

  • a gross weight increase from 2300 pounds to 2550 pounds. Makes it a C182 ‘light’ and a true 4 passenger aircraft with full fuel tanks.

  • Completely repainted with Imron and a new interior in 1990.

  • Garmin 430 WAAS GPS equipped, giving precision capability instrument approaches to most airports.

  • Goodyear stormscope / strikefinder for lightning detection.

  • S-TEC, System 20 autopilot.

  • PS Engineering 1000, 4-place intercom.

  • Rosen see through sun visors, the industries best.

  • Improved instrument and panel lighting for night operations.

  • LED landing and taxi lights which are super bright and practically ‘break-proof.”

  • excellent interior and exterior, constantly maintained.

  • all new glass.

  • additional insulation for warmth and quieter travel.

  • air leaks sealed so quieter and warmer inside.

Future Improvements:

  • Plans are to put in an HSI and GPSS steering to bring it more up to date with current capabilities in newer aircraft.

Red Bird Simulator

Our Redbird LD is FAA certified as an Advanced Aviation Training with its wrap-around visuals and realistic flight controls. Students can practice and train for a fraction of the price of flight. Many pilots use out Redbird for maintaining instrument currency and keeping skills sharp when they can’t be flying the real thing.

Schedule your simulator time today.

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